1. All marketing materials, paper, electronic or other means must be approved by the compliance department and must contain the company’s disclaimer.
  2. No Advertising on Social Media, TV, Youtube, Instagram, Newspapers, Radio or other media without company permission.
    1. Some guidance can be found under the NAF (National Futures Association) website:
  3. We cannot guarantee any returns on money.
  4. Ultimate Auto Trader is not a “Pool” trading platform. We do not ask people to send us any funds for us to Trade.
  5. Customers must trade in their own account and must adhere and understand the terms and conditions.
  6. Everyone must understand and agree that FOREX is very risky and they can lose some or all of their initial Risk Capital.
  7. UAT cannot advise a client on how much leverage or how their funds are used. They must set this up in the software themselves.
  8. Representatives may not use DECEPTIVE, MISLEADING or HIGH-PRESSURE sales tactics or approaches.
  9. Representative must NOT say or IMPLY that FUTURES or FOREX trading is appropriate for everyone.
  10. UAT is NOT A REGISTERED SECURITY with the CFTC or the SEC and members must not represent themselves as agents.
  11. We cannot use the words “INVESTMENT” or “ROI” or “RETURN ON INVESTMENT” instead we can use “LEVERAGED CAPITAL,” “RETURN OF CAPITAL,” “RISK CAPITAL,” “PROFITS,” and “LOSSES.”